Why need a desk phone when you have Hub. Hub has a fully functional softphone built in to the platform. Best solution for office, home workers and contact centre agents.

Transfer (Attendent)

Allows you to perform attendant call transferring by selecting contacts or team members from contact book.

Transfer (Blind)

Perform blind transfer by selecting contacts or team members from contact book.

Call Notes

Hub allows you to save notes against each call so your team can better keep track of all the communication.

Create Contacts During Calls

Add caller details to centralised contact book with a single click during a call.

Hold / Unhold

Allows you to place caller or caller on hold or unhold them.

Mute Calls

Allows you to mute all calls.

Multiple Lines

Hub softphone allows you to answer or make multiple calls at the same time.

Flip between calls

Easily flip between active calls.

Do not Disturb Mode

If you don't want to be disturbed set you status to do not disturb and it will reject all incoming calls and mute all communications.


Works with marketing leading CRM, PBX Platforms and phones to provide complete CTI integeration.

  • Incoming Call Notifications - Caller Details
  • Answer Calls
  • End Calls
  • Hold | Unhold
  • Mute
  • Call Notes
  • Call History
  • Click to Dial
  • Add Callers to Contact Book with Single Click

Peer to peer and group audio conferencing

Hub allows you to initiate conference calls with individuals and multiple people. Invite your customers and prospect clients to group conversations keeping all communications centralised and everyone on the same page. 

- Audio conferencing 
Screen Sharing
Add customers or contacts to conversations
Carry out product demos with prospect clients
Keep all communication centralised.
Share documents.
Supports secured communication.  



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