Revamp Your Contact Centres

Imagine having a conversation with lots of static noise and words gone missing. The Hub, deliver crystal clear, HD audio on every call, no matter where your agents are.

Agile, Flexible & Scalable

The Hub allows you to increase or decrease any number of agents in a jiffy without interrupting your day to day operations. You can easily migrate from on-premises to cloud and set up a contact centre without any hassle.

Go Hardware-Less With WebRTC


Cost reduction solution for your contact centres, with The Hub, Go Hardware-less and start communicating in a secure way. Easily integrate WebRTC with your existing hardware and seamlessly operate calling functionalities.


Integrate with Leading Applications


CRM-CTI integration with leading applications available in the market makes your business workflow flexible. Pull all of your customer data on a single platform and be well informed about your customers before initiating any conversation.

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