Collaborate on projects and tasks, share knowledge, media files, documents, basically almost everything you want.

Document Sharing

Share and easily search text, images, documents in conversations.

Invite Contacts to Discussions

Do you want to talk to a lead? Discuss project requirements? Update customer of project progress? Invite them to discussions.

Clipboard Pasting

Paste content images / documents straight into your discussion from clipboard.

Desktop Notifications

Never miss an important message or call from your team with desktop notifications right from your browser.

Group Discussions

Have group discussions around your projects, department or common interests.

Fast, Responsive and Mordern Interface

Its fast, responsive and modern interface gives you freedom to use our app on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Secure Discussions

All your documents and communications are encrypted and stored in Amazon S3.


Create discussions, invite team members and customers, collaborate and communicate by text, voice and screen sharing.

Conversation History

Instantly revisit old conversations including files


Hub allows you to initiate conference calls with individuals and multiple people. Invite your customers and prospect clients to group conversations keeping all communications centralised and everyone on the same page. 

- Audio conferencing 
Screen Sharing
Add customers or contacts to conversations
Carry out product demos with prospect clients
Keep all communications centralised.
Share documents.
Supports secured communication.  

Invite Your Customers To Meetings And Discussions

 Hub allows you to invite your leads and customers to meetings and discussions so they can stay up to date with progress on any work item, share ideas, share documents and loads more.

Make Every SMS Count

The Hub facilitate seamless communication by connecting web-interface with SMS so you and your customers never lose a track.

  • Deliver rich messages to securely communicate with your customers.
  • Confidently scale and deliver your business SMS messages globally.
  • Inbound SMS Management
  • Any type of message will work UNICODE SUPPORT - Ensure every letter, numeral, punctuation, and symbol from any alphabet and language is always displayed correctly.


Getting everyone on the same page is easy when the hub instant screen sharing is involved. When you start your meeting, simply press the "screen sharing" icon and you're ready to go. It's that simple. Share your screen with your team members, contacts and existing and prospect clients. 


Online collaboration keeps everyone on the same page. Whether you’ve shared text, images or important documents, Hub keeps it all together in one place. Share and easily search content with a team member or within a group.  

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