Share Your Experiments, Thoughts and Everything you want with your team and clients


Add contact details to centralised phone book with a single click. Integrate your hub contact book with the phone on your desk. Share your contacts with your team.


The Hub allows you to make and receive calls from within the browser. Stay in touch with your team and have access to information from anywhere with WebRTC and SIP.

Client Collaboration

Hub enables you to Invite your customers to business conversations, share screen and have conference calls with them.


The Hub offers business-ready solutions that can be integrated with your existing phones, crm , pbx platforms, and other applications.


Instantly share your documents, securely and safely with your colleagues. Never lose a track again of your conversation.


Your privacy is our priority. All of our voice calls are encrypted and all data is stored on Amazon S3 and can only be accessed with secured private key.



Fully functional soft phone working in your browser


Works with marketing leading pbx platforms and phones to provide complete CTI integeration


Connect and collaborate with your teams and clients instantly and efficently. 

  • Conversations can be divvied up by team, project, client, or whatever else is relevant to your organization.
  • Team members and clients can join and leave conversations as needed
  • Share documents, Easily search through your conversations, Invite team members, clients, vendors and partners - to bring all the right people in same room.
  • Drag-and-drop PDFs, images, videos and other files directly into Hub. Get feedback on your work.

Never lost a conversation with SMS

With The Hub, it doesn't matter that you are in your office or at a coffee shop, you can always stay in touch with your business customers even from your mobile.

  • Communicate with your business customers in real time and notify them of any updates from within the hub platform.
  • Differentiate yourself from others in the market.
  • Supports both inbound and SMS Messages.

SSO - The Hub now enables end users to login to platform with their Office 365 account.

SSO help centralize authentication management, enabling users to log in and instantly gain access to shared applications. This helps make security easier to achieve and allows more employee buy-in. This also reduces the application workaround that happens when employees deem the login process too difficult or not user-friendly enough.


Add contact details to centralised phone book with a single click. Integrate your hub contact book with phone on your desk.

  • Share your contacts with your team by making them public
  • Integrate your hub contact book with phone on your desk
  • Keep track of every single call against a contact with option to have detail call notes.


The hub brings all your team's communication together , give everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organised and accessible.

It integrates with phone , email , CRM, makes your team more productive.
80 % of people use texting for business. Hub is a seamless part of your communication , your texts are saved.
The ability to share documnets and visual information reduce travel time , costs and delay
If you're using external services for voice , screen sharing and vidoes conferences , your data will be lost.
Hub offers a beautifully simple experience on your existing devices, making it the easiest solution for teams to adopt.

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